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listener_networks parameter and Grid Infrastructure [message #480034] Wed, 20 October 2010 14:37
John Watson
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I'm trying to sort out how (or if) to use this parameter. Generally speaking, RAC can do session load balancing and failover on one network, with each node having a single VIP and another three VIPs for the SCAN listeners. Use local_listener to register with the local node listener and remote_listener to register with the SCAN listeners; use DHCP to assign the VIPs, and GNS/DNS for name resolution. Easy. But only on one network.

At first reading, listener_networks looks like an alternative to using local_listener and remote_listener. But going further into it, if I understand it correctly, by using listener_networks, one can point the instances towards several local node listeners (on different NICs) and several sets of SCAN listeners (one set on each of the different networks.) I can see how this might work using static addresses and DNS, but I can't understand how this would relate to use of GNS and DHCP. Also, I can't see how to get the services registered. Buried in the docs is a comment that suggests a service can register on only one network.

I can't find much on metalink, I wondered if anyone had access to any more information? Or had used this parameter?
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