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I have written the code as attached in the text file.
NOTE: I need to compare column-wise data of 8 historic tables in 2 DB's- B&C and have to do the development in DB-A.
What basically is required, that firstly i need to identify the securities which are less than equal to 90days old and then retrieve the data for those securities from 8 historic tables from database B. I have firstly identified the securities and then inserted them into a temporary table-SPOKE_SECURITIES in database A. After that I have read data from database B for those particular securities as in SPOKE_SECURITIES table and inserted them into another table temp table in database A. The same has been done 8 times for 8 historic security tables. After that I have written another procedure to read from a control table(in DB-A) of the columns to be compared in the 8 tables and then compared the column data across 8 temp tables created in DB-A and 8 historic tables in DB-C. Once compared all the data which are matching or NOT columnwise are inserted into another table in DB-A. However, as the historic tables across DB-B&C have huge amount of data around 10000rows each it the DB procedure is freezing when run. Can anyone help me in fine tuning the package with cursors(while inserting data maybe) as I am not at all comfortable with cursors and this work needs to be completed urgently. Also any other suggestions or help are welcome.
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Please read and follow the forum guidelines, to enable us to help you:


since we don't have your tables or data, we can not run, test, debug or improve posted code.
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Michel Cadot
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Remove all WHEN OTHERS.

Format your code.
If you don't know how to do it, learn it using SQL Formatter.

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John Watson
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Apart from following SB's request:
First, you must format your code properly. I do not understand how anyone can debug code that looks like yours! If you don't have a standard for this, you can always use this formatter,
Second, not a tecnical issue, but you should correct the spelling of RETREIVE or you wll confuse everyone.
Third, if you believe that "temporary" tables are necessary (they are a very SQL Server concept) then you should be using Global Temporary Tables (which are an Oracle concept),
your procedure as written will fall apart if more than one session runs the code.
Fourth, are you sure that you need those temporary tables? Can it not be done with, for instance, views?
Fifth, You do do need to find out why it is "freezing". You have only 10000 rows in each table, that is such a tiny amount of data that no matter how poor the code is, it should execute pretty quickly. Running each query wih timing on would be a good start.
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