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John Watson
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This column is the last column in the %_TABLES views. In the CDB I happen to be working on, it is always set to NO:
cdba> alter session set container=cdb$root;

Session altered.

cdba> select container_Data,count(*) from cdb_tables group by container_data;

--- ----------
NO        9271

The docs says this,Quote:
Indicates whether the table contains container-specific data. Possible values:
YES if the table was created with the CONTAINER_DATA clause
NO otherwise
but I can find no explanation of this clause. Any ideas? Perhaps a way of creating shared tables? I've had a look through ?/rdbms/admin, but I can't find any example of it being used.

Thank you for any insight.
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Michel Cadot
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It could be something that Oracle has in mind to implement but does not yet exist.
Just like the edition in 11.1. You have the ORA$BASE edition and many edition views like DBA_EDITIONS but when you try to execute CREATE EDITION you get an error as the command does not exist:
SQB> @v

Version Oracle :

SQB> select * from dba_editions;
EDITION_NAME                   PARENT_EDITION_NAME            USA
------------------------------ ------------------------------ ---
ORA$BASE                                                      YES

1 row selected.

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00901: invalid CREATE command

Maybe we have to wait for 12.2. Smile

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John Watson
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Thank you for replying. Perhaps that is all it is. I was hoping that someone might have reverse engineered something amazing.
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Lalit Kumar B
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After looking at your post, I spent 2 hours reading the docs about the CONTAINER_DATA clause. I found very little information, and NO examples at all. About the CONTAINER_DATA clause, I couldn't find it's attributes explained anywhere.

From docs,

These attributes determine the set of containers (which can never exclude the root) whose data will be visible via CONTAINER_DATA objects to the specified common user when the current session is the root.

So, it means, the current session container should be CDB$ROOT if we want the changes for a user to be reflected across entire CDB. Else, if current container is a PDB, we can set the attributes for a common user specific only to local PDB. So all that is explained is about "which container name to specify".

For example, I have a user 'A' in CDB, let's say current container is root CDB$ROOT, the alter user statement required to set the container data attributes for user 'A would look something like this :

alter user 'A' set container_data = ALL for schema.object_name; -- container name is ALL since user is in CDB$ROOT

So, finally this is what I conclude with limited understanding : User 'A' will now be able to access the data belonging to the containers that we have set him to via alter statement.

Did I try doing all this myself? Yes, but I keep getting errors for which I am reading further Sad
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