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Hi All,

i have written in here before with a similar username, but forgot my password and the password recovery procedure does not send me an email ! so i had to make another account !!! nevertheless nice to see you all..

I am having an issue with the REPORTS_PATH for weblogic.

my scenario is as follows.
on the weblogic server, i have created 3 configurations in formsweb.cfg with its respective .env file
so i have TEST, IMPL and DEV configuration sections and test.env, impl.env and dev.env environment file
each environment is 'pointed' to its own database on the dev database server.

i have a root folder and for each environment i have the forms and reports for each environment saved in its subfolder ie

i am aware i can set the FORMS_PATH in various locations in both the Registry and the environment file (there is already an entry in the default environment file as well)

i am also aware that the environment FORMS_PATH will 'OVERWRITE' the registry FORMS_PATH (if its set in the env file) AM I CORRECT to assume this (this is my understanding from the ORACLE Docs)
nevertheless forms work ok for me for all 3 environments ..

the problem arises when i try to set the REPORTS_PATH.
once again, i am aware that its set in the registry. I read that it can be set in the rwbuilder.bat (for windows) and this will take precedence over the regisrty value if its specifie din the rwbuilder.bat.

I was under the impression that I can also set the REPORTS_PATH in the environment files for each configuration i have (DEV,IMPL,TEST)

however, if i set in in the environment file it DOESNT SEEM to have any effect. (my only way to test this at the moment is to rename some reports, AND/OR PLLs used by some reports and observe that i get the error that NO PLLs is found.

if i go to the URL http : // myweblogicserver:9002/reports/rwservlet/showenv?server=repserver then it ALWAYS shows me the registry setting .
i have tried to delete the registry entry, and surely enough if i hit the above URL the REPORTS_PATH is empty, but still the REPORTS_PATH set in the environment file has no effect, as when i try to run the reports i get the error that PLLs not found (as it does not traverse the folders specified in REPORTS_PATH in the env file)

I have read that i can implement the Dynamic Environment Switching where i saw an example specifically setting the REPORTS_PATH. Then you just have to pass the ENVID as OTHER PARAM when you call the run_report_object from forms and that should work.
Problem is, that the setup here does not use a 'shared' function to call the run_report_object so we would have to go in all forms and make the change (if indeed this would solve my problem)

so long story short. Can you declare the REPORTS_PATH in the environment file. If so, are there any other settings that would prohibit it from being in effect ????

(another way i thought is to create 3 standalone report server, and for each one specify a DeaultENVid with the REPORTS_PATH set there for each configuration)
But i would like to see if i can set the REPORTS_PATH in each env file and how to make it effective !!!

Sorry for the long post,

Hope someone shed some light !!!


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Come on guys...no one has any input on this..800 views and not any answer yet...

nevertheless... i will make my question simpler as what i wrote earlier on is a bit lengthy and confusing perhaps !

my question is :

Can you set the REPORTS_PATH environment variable in the .env File ??? (for weblogic 12c)

I see no mention of it in the Documentation of 12c ( i remember a few years back, i saw it in the .env files for 10g (unless it was not relevant for 10g either and whoever put it there did not know any better) !!!


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george_serghiou wrote on Fri, 27 April 2018 09:40
Come on guys...no one has any input on this..800 views and not any answer yet...
You know, I never noticed, but I think the "views" has to be wrong. I cannot believe that there were 800 views of a topic in that short of a time. Maybe ask Frank Naude if that is accurate.

I am sorry, I do not have an answer for you. I use linux for application server, so I am unfamiliar with registry entries. I only know about setting it in report.sh shell script.
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