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I am using Oracle 9iAS Rel with 9i database Rel 9.0.1. I am able to login with "sys" in normal mode by adding "O7_dictionary_Accessibility = True" to the parameter file. But the problem is that the portal is asking "shared_pool_size = 31457280"; whereas, I have given "shared_pool_size = 33554432". Please help me to come out of this problem and configure the portal.

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There is a solution (from Oracle).

Salud, Sob

This article is being delivered in Draft form and may contain
errors. Please use the MetaLink "Feedback" button to advise
Oracle of any issues related to this article.

Problem Description
It is recommended to install the Portal 3.0.9 release into an Oracle8i(8.1.7)
Database. This note will help to identify the known issues with installing into
an Oracle9i Database.

A server parameter file (SPFILE) is a new feature introduced in Oracle9i.
When a 9.0.1 database owns a server parameter file (SPFILE), the init.ora file
for the instance is not read during database startup.

At instance startup, the rule of precedence is the following:

1. spfile<SID>.ora
2. spfile.ora if the spfile<SID>.ora does not exist
3. init<SID>.ora if the spfile.ora does not exist

Please keep this fact in mind when implementing the solution listed in this

Please reference the following link for additional information if you are
installing on the Windows platform.

Solution Description

Step 1. Install the Oracle9i Database version 9.0.1

Step 2. Modify the init.ora settings for the database per the Portal
Configuration Guide. Increase the large_pool_size parameter in the init.ora
file to around 83886080 (80 Mb) This is a new requirement for Portal
installation for 9i database.

Step 3. Add the O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY init.ora setting and set to TRUE

Please note, that this is the letter "O" not the number zero.

To test this step, you should attempt to connect to the database by connecting
as sys from sqlplus.For example:

sqlplus sys/change_on_install

Step 4. Comment out the MTS Dispatchers init.ora setting

This step works around a problem with the large pool. In many installation, if
the mts settings are used during the installation it will complain that it
cannot allocate bytes from the large pool, even if it is set very large.

Step 5. Install the Oracle9i Application Server (9iAS) version, but
cancel the Portal Configuration Assistant.

Step 6. Apply the JDBC Driver Patch Required to use Oracle9i Database

This patch must be applied to the 9iAS home, not the database home. The patch
allows the 9iAS home to make a JDBC connection to the 9i database.

UNIX Platform
To apply this patch for Unix please use these instructions:

A. Login to metalink
B. Select the Patches link
C. Enter 1725012 for the patch number, and your platform
D. Download the patch and follow the Readme instructions to install to the 9iAS Home

Windows Platform
To apply this patch for win32 platforms(WinNT/2000), please use these instructions:

A. Login to metalink
B. Select the Patches link
C. Enter 2189751 for the patch number and the platform as WinNT/2000
(This is patch, please download)
D. Use the Universal Installer to apply to the 9iAS Home

If this patch is not applied, ora-600 errors will be raised in the install.log.
In addition, the portal configuration assistant will complain that the shared
pool is too small even though it meets requirements. This is caused since the
tool cannot login to the database to check the settings.

Step 7. Start the Portal Configuration Assistant, and install portal


The 9ias was released before the 9i database so these issues were
discovered after the 9iAS product was already released. These are resolved
for the 9iAS version 2 release.

Oracle9iAS Portal Configuration Guide Release 3.0.9
Oracle9i Application Server Documentation, Release 1(v1.0.2.2)
Oracle9i Application Server Release Notes, Release
Oracle9i Database Documentation
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