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OCI non blocking?? [message #164896] Mon, 27 March 2006 06:27
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Hi there, my problem is that i cannot understand the idea of non blocking calls with OCI, I mean, you cannot epoll/select and OCI doesnt have any interesting ¨notify¨ mechanism, so, lets suppose you have a poll of connections with queries that you do not know how many time they are going to take,.. supposing they take enougth time, you will be facing an incredible ¨cycle-consuming¨ loop calling ..execute() to see when the call is done... i just dont get it... seems like its even better to have 1 thread per connection and use blocking mode!...
Well.. there is ognfd() but i dont think you can mix it with oci.h calls....

There is anything im missing?

Thanks in advance.
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