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log_sequence column in v$archive_dest [message #178601] Wed, 21 June 2006 14:28 Go to next message
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Hi friends,

In my dataguard setup, in which 2 primary RAC instances are sending archive logs to a
Physical standby database, the log_Sequence value in V$ARCHIVE_DEST view is not getting updated.

  1  select ads.dest_id,max(sequence#) "Current Sequence",
  2         max(log_sequence) "Last Archived"
  3  from v$archived_log al, v$archive_dest ad, v$archive_dest_status ads
  4  where ad.dest_id=al.dest_id
  5  and al.dest_id=ads.dest_id
  6* group by ads.dest_id

   DEST_ID Current Sequence             Last Archived
----------          ----------------               -------------
         1            38743                        38743
         2            38743                           0
         3            38726                           0

There is no problem with the dataguard, and it applies the archive logs correctly and is in sync with PROD.

Our dataguard monitoring script checks the archive log gap based on the values in this column,
and METALINK also says the same thing.

From Metalink: (Note: 241374.1)

-- The following query will determine the current sequence number
-- and the last sequence archived. If remotely archiving using the
-- ARCH process then the archived sequence should be equal to the
-- current sequence. The applied sequence information is updated at
-- log switch time.

select ads.dest_id,max(sequence#) "Current Sequence",
max(log_sequence) "Last Archived"
from v$archived_log al, v$archive_dest ad, v$archive_dest_status ads
where ad.dest_id=al.dest_id
and al.dest_id=ads.dest_id
group by ads.dest_id;

Would you please throw some light, as why this is not getting updated.

We use _log_archive_callout parameter with the value as "LOCAL_FIRST=TRUE".

Is this happening because of this value?

Waiting for your valuable comments,

Re: log_sequence column in v$archive_dest [message #302242 is a reply to message #178601] Mon, 25 February 2008 00:50 Go to previous message
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Hi ,

Even i am facing the same issue , DB -- 9206 on HP-UX11i

Could u close this issue. Please update ...

Girish Achar
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