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Using DGMGRL on Sun Cluster 3.1 [message #294330] Thu, 17 January 2008 04:23
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I have a 2 node Sun Cluster hosting a single instance database. I have successfully set up Dataguard to replicate to a disaster recovery server. However I have some issues using DGMGRL. When I set up the primary database in DGMGRL it shows the database as having a hostname of the currently active cluster node.

DGMGRL> show database verbose 'ABC1'

Name: ABC1
Enabled: YES
Intended State: ONLINE

InitialConnectIdentifier = 'abc1'
LogXptMode = 'ASYNC'
Dependency = ''
DelayMins = '0'
Binding = 'OPTIONAL'
MaxFailure = '0'
MaxConnections = '1'
ReopenSecs = '300'
NetTimeout = '180'
LogShipping = 'ON'
PreferredApplyInstance = ''
ApplyInstanceTimeout = '0'
ApplyParallel = 'AUTO'
StandbyFileManagement = 'auto'
ArchiveLagTarget = '0'
LogArchiveMaxProcesses = '2'
LogArchiveMinSucceedDest = '1'
DbFileNameConvert = ''
LogFileNameConvert = ''
FastStartFailoverTarget = ''
StatusReport = '(monitor)'
InconsistentProperties = '(monitor)'
InconsistentLogXptProps = '(monitor)'
SendQEntries = '(monitor)'
LogXptStatus = '(monitor)'
RecvQEntries = '(monitor)'
HostName = 'node1'
SidName = 'ABC'
LocalListenerAddress = '(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=cluster)(Port=1525))'
StandbyArchiveLocation = '/usr/abc/data/dbase/arch'
AlternateLocation = ''
LogArchiveTrace = '0'
LogArchiveFormat = 'arch.log%t_%s_%r.dbf'
LatestLog = '(monitor)'
TopWaitEvents = '(monitor)'

I can connect to DGMGRL from either cluster node (node1 and node2) and it works fine. However if my cluster switches the database over from node1 to node2 I get this error when I try to show configuration

$ dgmgrl sys/stayout@ABC1
DGMGRL for Solaris: Version - 64bit Production

Copyright (c) 2000, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Welcome to DGMGRL, type "help" for information.
DGMGRL> show configuration
Error: ORA-16596: object not part of the Data Guard broker configuration

Configuration details cannot be determined by DGMGRL

Does anyone know how to make DGMGRL to work regardless of which cluster node is currently hosting the database. I have tried to change the hostname property to cluster, but then I get the same error when I try to re-enable the configuration.

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